May 18-20-2019Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Unlock your potential


Learn from Coach Love

Is your jump shot holding you back? Have you mastered all other
mechanics of basketball but your shot percentage just doesn’t reflect your
true potential? I’ve helped thousands of players improve their game from
the grade school level through to NBA players. Join me for my elite series
of premium clinics, drills and workouts i usually only reserve for
my NBA players and unlock YOUR true potential.

  • Professional level shooting workouts with an NBA Shooting Coach to improve your shot
  • Your own private hoop and rebounder
  • Continuous attention and feedback from your own assistant coach
  • Hours own one-on-one time with NBA Shooting coach Dave Love
  • A challenging schedule of workouts designed to help you “re-learn” some of the mechanics that might be holding you back
  • Video breakdowns of your progrss throughout the weekend
  • Highest quality tops and shorts so you feel like a pro
  • Leave with detailed, custom plan of how to continue improving on what you learn
The techniques you’ll learn in this series helped one NBA player improve 30% from the free throw line over the course of one summer. Another went from bench warmer to making millions a year.Learn what the pros know.
NBA Shooting Coach Dave Love

Our Upcoming Event

Dates May 18-20

Location Elite Training Centre – 20 Scarsdale Road Building B, Toronto ON, M3B 2R2

Ages 3 participants in each of these four categories – 12-15 boys, 12-15 girls, 15+ boys, 15+ girls

Cost $3000/player, $2500 if you sign up before April 15


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much will I really learn in 3 days?

I had an NBA player for 3 days. He was a 55% free throw shooter for his career. In those three days I showed him the habit we need to fix, and the drills I want him to do to break the habit. I helped him understand how HE is the one that needs to do the work. That next season he shot 75% from the free throw line and started shooting 3s for the first time in his career. You can do the same, you just need to work.

I’ve tried other trainers – I didn’t improve

I’ve been hired by NBA teams and agents to work with players that REALLY needed help. Everyone else had tried, but the player still hadn’t improved as a shooter. But each player I’ve worked with at the NBA level has shot a career high working with me. That is why I’m so valuable. I’m able to help the players that others think are beyond help.

The price seems ridiculously high - what’s the value? Why would I pay so much?

Your jump shot has been holding you back from achieving more from the game. If moving up a level, playing in college or playing professionally was your goal, and investing $3000 in yourself helped you achieve that goal, wouldn’t it be worth it?

What’s the difference between these clinics and your regular clinics? Is the difference really worth that much of a difference in price?

These aren’t clinics. These are private lessons. At clinics we teach generalities. These lessons are almost exactly the same as the workouts I do with NBA players to help them improve. These are the professional experience for amateur players of all levels.