Private Lessons

The individual attention you need to unlock your potential

Is your jump shot holding you back?
Receive the same personalized treatment that NBA players receive by focussing on your shooting habits and developing a process for your improvement. Have a private workout with the same NBA Shooting Coach that helped an NBA rookie improve 30% from the FT line in one season and helped another shoot a career high, while becoming the first player in NBA history to switch their dominant shooting hand.

Who are these clinics for?

  • Serious basketball players of all skill levels – ranging from 11 years old, to professionals
  • Players that feel like their shooting form is holding them back.
  • If you don’t understand how your shot works
  • Players that keep getting different advice from every coach, and just need one voice and one plan.
  • Players with BIG goals, and BIG talent, but need help with shooting.

What do you get?

  • Learn WHAT your habits are and how they affect your shot
  • Learn WHY your current habits are holding you back
  • Learn DRILLS that will unlock your potential
  • Be TREATED like a pro
  • See VIDEO of your shot to fully understand the habits
  • Get a PROCESS to follow for your development

Enjoy all the beauty Calgary has to offer

Book a private clinic for you or your child and enjoy our breathtaking landscapes in the Canadian Rockies for a trip your whole family will remember.

Packages Available

  • Single sessions
  • Ongoing Intermittent Sessions
  • Weekly or Monthly packages available.

On-going and consistent contact is the key to your development. Weekly and Monthly packages are available around Coach Love’s schedule. 1-2 private workouts per day focussing on developing YOUR habits. No cookie cutter models here. We break down YOUR habits and work to improve them. Regardless of the length, players leave with a clear understanding of their shot and the work they need to do moving forward. When Coach Love is out of town, his highly trained Assistant Coaches can continue work at a reduced rate.

What makes us different

  • NBA level teaching of shooting mechanics for players of all ages.
  • Use of video and shooting refinement drills to educate players about their shooting mechanics.
  • A realistic approach to shooting development. We won’t make false guarantees because the fact of the matter is – there are no guarantees. It all depends on your habits and your work ethic. We won’t guarantee you will leave a 90% free throw shooter at the end of your sessions, or a 40% 3pt shooter, but we will teach you the habits necessary to get there in time.
  • No politics or drama. We aren’t going to try to upsell you to more, or guide you to a particular school or program. That isn’t our role. We will help you improve. We are coaches, not agents.
    Dave Love ( Shooting Coach )

What People Are Saying About Us


Coach Love is the Shot Doctor.  Nobody teaching shooting better than him in the country.  He is one of the best clinician in the country.  We were very blessed to watch all of his work.


Dave is a master teacher whose layered approach gives players the knowledge and drills to create new, more productive habits. He uses simple and effective language, timely storytelling, and impactful analogies to keep the players engaged throughout the day.


I just wanted to say a big thank you.  We have been really fortunate to be included in quite a few specialist clinics, but today my son came home and said that this was the BEST thing he’d done thus far.  You’re obviously doing something right!  Thank you!


My son attended your clinic and says he learned more in those few hours than he’s learned in the last few years! Thank you!


I just wish to thank you for the great clinic you ran!  My son came home full of confidence, and really loved it!  He was very proud of the comments from you and the coaches about his good shooting style. He has not stopped talking about the camp and talking about the coaches and the things he learnt with footwork and balance which we always try and work on together.


Coach Love understands that what may work for one may not work for another, so he continually checks to make sure that my son is understanding and if not, they work together to make sure it is understood. One of the best things about training with Coach Love is the way he interacts with the player.


The coaching connects at exactly the right level with the players.  I cannot recommend these clinics strongly enough.  If you have the chance, make sure to attend one!


Coach Love was extremely approachable and down to earth. We did a week of private lessons, and what a difference in my son’s shot!! Upon returning to his local head coach, the difference was noticed immediately. The way Coach Love breaks the process down and begins to rebuild is a very personal experience.