Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much will I really learn in 3 days?

I had an NBA player for 3 days. He was a 55% free throw shooter for his career. In those three days I showed him the habit we need to fix, and the drills I want him to do to break the habit. I helped him understand how HE is the one that needs to do the work. That next season he shot 75% from the free throw line and started shooting 3s for the first time in his career. You can do the same, you just need to work.

I’ve tried other trainers – I didn’t improve

I’ve been hired by NBA teams and agents to work with players that REALLY needed help. Everyone else had tried, but the player still hadn’t improved as a shooter. But each player I’ve worked with at the NBA level has shot a career high working with me. That is why I’m so valuable. I’m able to help the players that others think are beyond help.

The price seems ridiculously high - what’s the value? Why would I pay so much?

Your jump shot has been holding you back from achieving more from the game. If moving up a level, playing in college or playing professionally was your goal, and investing $3000 in yourself helped you achieve that goal, wouldn’t it be worth it?

What’s the difference between these clinics and your regular clinics? Is the difference really worth that much of a difference in price?

These aren’t clinics. These are private lessons. At clinics we teach generalities. These lessons are almost exactly the same as the workouts I do with NBA players to help them improve. These are the professional experience for amateur players of all levels.

What all is included and how much is it all really worth?

Our emails outline in detail what is included.
This is the same type of experience that I offer to my NBA players, at the same price, with even a few bonus extras to make you feel like a pro.

Why would I go with you instead of someone cheaper? Instead of someone better known? Instead of a bigger company?

I have built a great reputation in the NBA based on helping players getting better. You aren’t going to find a high level experience like this with an NBA Shooting Coach for the general public anywhere.

I can’t make it to Toronto. Will you be doing this anywhere else?

Yes! We just don’t have any others planned yet. If you want to be notified of other times and locations, enter your email address.

I want to do this but my school would have to sponsor me. Could I register without paying upfront? Could you invoice my school?

You can pay a non-refundable deposit to hold your spot and the remainder two weeks before the weekend begins.
Yes, we can provide your school with an invoice.

Why would I need a nutritionist to shoot better?

There are so many areas of our lives that impact our shooting. We want to make sure we give you as much information as we can to help you improve.

Why are you focused so much on shooting? What about other basketball fundamentals? What if I am terrible at ball handling or defense?

I’m a shooting coach. I’m one of the best in the world at helping players improve their shooting. It’s what I love to do and what I do best. If you want help with your ball-handling or other skills, I would encourage you to find an elite training in that area.

Will there be any pre or post-work I can do to prepare or practice afterwards?

You will be asked to submit vide of your shot in advance of the weekend so that me and my team of assistant coaches can start to prepare to work with you. After the weekend, you will leave to a practice plan you can take with you moving forward.

How can you prove this is worth it? Will my shot really be that much better?

I had an NBA player that came to me shooting 42% from the free throw line. The next year he shot 72%. I had a prep-school player that I worked with that wasn’t getting any attention from colleges, but after improving his shooting, he is now playing basketball in college. How much better it gets depends on what you do with the information.

I’m spending a lot of money for this. Will you cover lodging? Meals? Where will I stay? What will I do when I’m not in the clinic? Will I need to have my parents with me?

You will be responsible for your lodging and meals and transportation. When you aren’t at the clinic, I would recommend you explore Toronto or rest.
Parents are encouraged to watch the workouts. It takes a village to help a player.

Is there any sort of money back guarantee if my shot doesn’t improve or if I can’t make it? We will issue a full refund up to two weeks before the weekend.

Your improvement will depend on the work you do after attending the weekend. We are going to address your habits, teach you how to rewire them, and give you a plan. We will do everything in our power to help you improve, but make no mistake, it will still be on you to do the work beyond this weekend.Parents are encouraged to watch the workouts. It takes a village to help a player.

How much will I have to practice afterward to really lock in what you teach?

Any great shooter is the person that practiced the most of anyone they knew. If you are looking for shortcuts already, hoping for band-aids, or hoping that someone else will do the work for you, this isn’t the right place for you.

Can I follow up with you after the clinic any time I need some additional help? What should I do if I forget something?

Yes, players will be given ways to stay in touch with Coach Love after the event.

What makes your techniques/drills/methods so much better than anyone else’s?

I’ve been working as a shooting coach since 2001, and in the NBA since 2009. There are a lot of little things that make be great at what I do. The biggest two are the fact that I love what I do and I care about the people I work with. All the other aspects are secrets I keep for my players.

I have so many other things to spend this money on, why in the world would I spend this much just to get a little better at shooting the ball?

This is meant to be an investment for the players that have real potential to go somewhere in basketball, but their jumpshot is holding them back.

I watched your videos and saw your Instagram and it doesn’t look like you teach shooting like Steph Curry - he’s the best. Shouldn’t I just do what he does?

That might be what is causing your shot to suffer. You are trying to reverse engineer someone else’s shot, rather than developing the habits that will help YOU improve. Don’t copy the mistakes others make in games as your best habits, learn the work they are doing behind the scenes to improve themselves.

How long is each session/day? How much time is spent on shooting? On nutrition? On everything else?

The first two days you will have 3 1hr semi private sessions and on the last day 2 1hr sessions, on a private hoop, with your own assistant coach, and Coach Love moving from hoop to hoop to instruct the players. Each day will feature a guest speaker like a nutritionalist or strength coach to help you unlock other potential.

If you’re such a good shooter, why didn’t you ever go pro? (Not sure if this question is relevant but it just popped in my head)

I did go pro. As a shooting coach. I’m not a guy that is going to tell you how to shoot like I did. I’m going to use my 18 years of experience to help you find YOUR shot.

Who have you worked with in the past and how have they improved? Did you use the same techniques and drills with them? How do I know you are teaching me the same thing as pro players and not just saying that you are to make money?

I’ve worked with dozens of NBA players, teams and for agents. Every player I worked with shot a career high during that time. This my passion, to help others improve, and I get results