Day Clinics

A unique program offering shooting-specific basketball instruction

Learn how NBA players improve their shooting form
Build better shooting habits from the ground up. Learn the details that have been reserved for NBA players until now. NBA Shooting Coach Dave Love created these clinics to help young players all around the world learn to make shots more consistently.

Who are these clinics for?

  • Young basketball players of all skill levels
  • Players that struggle with consistency
  • Players that want to understand how their shot works
  • Players that have big goals, but their shot is holding them back

What do you learn?

  • WHAT each part of your body should be doing
  • WHY these habits affect your ability to make more shots
  • HOW to practice more effectively
  • WHAT NBA players have worked on
  • HOW you can dramatically improve your shot

Clinic Format
Each hour, players are taken through the different parts of their body, learning how they affect shooting percentages. The first hour focuses on balance and footwork, the key to consistency. The second hour zeros on how players should grip that ball to maximize repeatability. And the final hour delves into the follow-through and how it affects arc and improves results. Players leave the clinic with a full understanding of how each of their movements contributes to their shot.

What makes us different

  • We start teaching you before you even arrive at the clinic! Bonus information for both the player and the parents are sent two days before the clinic starts.
  • You’ll get better before you even set foot in the gym! Players are held accountable to identify which bad habits they have and show the focus needed to build new, better habits.
  • Unlike other camps led by college players, these clinics are created by an NBA shooting coach and directed by highly trained staff.
  • Players aren’t just taught to shoot shots, they are taught to be their own shooting coach.
  • Every camper continues to be taught by NBA Shooting Coach Dave Love well after the clinic concludes.
  • Coach Love will be sending clinic notes and videos of past clinics to refer back to.
  • Coach Love will send you the 3 drills that he uses every day with NBA players to improve their shooting.
  • No wasting time! There is no fluff in this clinic.
  • Players will learn and be put in a position to focus on the small details that unlock potential.
  • Players get A LOT of shots. We don’t just teach them, we give them plenty of time to WORK on these new ideas.
  • Learn the habits that have helped countless NBA players shoot career highs, and that one NBA player used to improve 30% in one season.

What People Are Saying About Us


Grateful for the opportunity to have a clinic like this made available to small communities, especially in Northern Alberta


Really easy to host a clinic – just let him know you are interested and he sends all the links, letters, posters, etc. Kids register online and so you never have to process money or paperwork. Jamie was an excellent presenter and the 3 hours flew by.


The coaching connects at exactly the right level with the players.


Jamie did an amazing job working with the group of kids that we had. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient and does a great job connecting with the players. Thank you Jamie!


Coach Love was extremely approachable and down to earth.The first visit was only 5 days, but what a difference in my son’s shot. Upon returning to his local head coach, the difference was noticed immediately. The way Coach Love breaks the process down and begins to rebuild is a very personal experience.