About Our Clinics

Dave Love has shown a tremendous understanding of player’s shots as well as an ability to analyze and correct trouble spots. Any player looking to improve his or her shot would benefit greatly from spending time working with Dave

Chip Engelland, San Antonio Spurs Assistant Coach


The Love of the Game Shooting Clinics are based on the work NBA Shooting Coach Dave Love does with NBA and college players. The clinics will be run by a highly trained regional coach in a non-competitive situation to allow all players to develop at the rate they need to attain success. Only those clinics in the Signature Series will be conducted by Dave Love himself. Players will learn the mechanics of their current shot and be presented with analysis of what they are doing that is successful and detrimental.

  • Young basketball players of all skill levels
  • Players who struggle with consistency
  • Players who want to understand how their shot works
  • Players who have big goals, but their shot is holding them back

Coach Love and The Love of the Game have a tremendous talent in the evaluation and instruction of shooting. Regardless of a players age or ability, they understand how to improve a complex skill in a simple and fun manner. The combination of experience and genuine care for players will provide a significant advantage to anyone who wants to improve their game.

Bret Brielmaier, Brooklyn Nets Assistant Coach

Each player will learn what each part of their body should be doing during their shot, and be given an explanation on why these mechanics are important. Coaches will provide a checklist of fundamentals for the player to use to begin to understand their shot mechanics and how to recognize and correct mistakes.

The Love of the Game shooting clinics offer a great opportunity for New Brunswick players to learn from one of the best in the business. The quality of instruction and breakdown of each player’s shooting technique is beneficial for both the athletes and local coaches in attendance. As a not-for-profit organization, we also benefit from our partnership with The Love of the Game allowing us to then reinvest back into our other programming as well.

Carolyn Peppin, Executive Director of Basketball New Brunswick

During our clinics, players will learn the same techniques as the pros. Our coaches teach proven techniques and pass on methods allowing participants to continue coaching themselves on proper techniques long after the clinic.

Players will receive pre-clinic bonus content preparing them to maximize their time in our clinics. They’ll also receive post-clinic content and tools to further reinforce positive practice behaviours afterward.

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